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 Teresa Todaro Restifa Scholarship

The Teresa Todaro Restifa Scholarship (sponsored by her husband Mr. Sam Restifa) is addressed to a university student, graduate or researcher to carry out researchon the second and third generation of Australians of Italian origin.

The research should focus on the socio-demographic characteristics of the new generations (second and third), on their integration into Australian society, and on the major differences when compared to the first generation (i.e., Italians born and raised in Italy).

In particular, the following points will have to be developed:

  • Family background (region(s) of origin; other ethnic groups)
  • Level of education and type of employment of the new generations
  • The influence of Italian culture
  • Knowledge of Italian
  • Relationship with Italy
  • Relationship with the Italian community of Australia
  • Contacts with the main Italian organizations: CoAsIt, Club Marconi, Club Italia, Italian Chamber of Commerce and with the Italian Media Corporation Il Globo, La Fiamma, Rete Italia.
  • Political or social commitment

The analysis should be carried out from a comparative perspective. More specifically, in the case of the second generation, the socio-demographic data relating to the children of emigrants should be analyzed in comparison to data relating to their parents; in the case of the third generation, the socio-demographic data relating to the new generation should be analyzed in comparison with the data relating to their parents and grandparents.

The main aim of this research consists in the documentation of socio-demographic and socio-cultural changes in the transition from the first to the second and third generation, with particular focus on the level of integration of the children and grandchildren of Italian emigrants, and their academic and / or professional successes, the fields in which they work or in which they have particularly distinguished themselves. 

The study can be based on both quantitative (e.g., Australian census, AIRE data) and qualitative data (e.g., interviews with the young Italian-Australian).

The official launch of the project is scheduled for April 10, 2022. The closing date for the candidates’ application is May 29, 2022!

The research is due to start in June 2022 and be completed in June 2024.

The total value of the Teresa Todaro Restifa Scholarship is $15,000. Payment will be made by the sponsor, Mr Sam Restifa, directly to the researcher in three stages with 20% at the start of the work, 30% at mid-work and the rest upon submission and approval of the work.

The winner must submit a scientific work, for potential publication. The research should be carried out in English. Total number of words should be approximately 50.000.

Before the start of the research, an agreement will be signed between the organizing body (Gruppo dell’Amicizia in Memoria di Enrica Inglese), the sponsor (Mr Sam Restifa), and the researcher.

It will be possible to create some forms of collaboration with the representatives of the major Italian Institutions, the Cultural Institute, CoAsIt, Chamber of Commerce, the Padre Atanasio Gonelli Charitable Fund, Club Marconi and Club Italia.

The research will be owned by the Gruppo dell’Amicizia in Memoria di Enrica Inglese, which reserves the right of publication.

Support initiatives are planned for the success of the study.

The Gruppo dell’Amicizia in Memoria di Enrica Inglese takes on the task of organizing and advertising the research.

Candidates can register by filling out the form downloadable below.

Along with the form, candidates must submit the following documentation: a short curriculum vitae; a description (1000 words) of the methodological approach and how he/she intends to access to data, the expected timing for carrying out the study, and a balance sheet of the planned expenditure.

Applications shall be examined by a jury specially set up for this purpose and whose decision is final.

For more information on terms and conditions please contact Armando Tornari by calling 0427 335 670

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