About us

The Gruppo dell’Amicizia in memoria di Enrica Inglese was founded in May 2018 by La Fiamma journalist, Armando Tornari, in memory of his beloved wife Enrica Inglese. With the creation of this group, Armando wanted to pay tribute to the life of Enrica who never spared resources and energy for the benefit of the needy, dedicated her time to the teaching and diffusion of the Italian language and culture.

The group consists of approximately 38 members, all close friends of the late Enrica Inglese.

The aim of the group is to promote the Italian language and culture in Australia through:

1. The provision of scholarships to young students for the study of the Italian language and other cultural interest.

2. Scholarships for teachers to attend courses/training in Italy in order to be well informed and keep up with the current curricula.

Enrica was a great lover of the Italian culture, she was employed at La Fiamma and for many years she taught Italian with Co.As.It. in Saturday morning schools.

During her life she promoted several scholarships which gave winners the chance to go to Italy and qualify in fields such as: High Fashion, Music, Medicine, Arts, Economics of Computer technology and Banking Science.

The first edition of Italian Awards was presented in 2018 with prizes given to 14 Students of Italian with the collaboration of Co.As.It.

In 2019 the Gruppo dell’Amicizia organised the Education Awards independently, adding a further category: Teacher’s Awards give the possibility to winning teachers to go to Italy to obtain qualification in various fields of education.

The Italian Education Awards were also held in 2020 and will be announced again in June 2021

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